what we do

we create incredible balloon and light pieces for...
Parties & Festivals

We regularly work with organisers of music- culture- light- or community related events.

Corporate Events

Our classy and unique installations are incorporated into venues and events of all kinds for a range of corporate clients.

Formal Occasions & Events

Our balloon installations, dresses or interactive pieces add an extravagant touch to formal occasions or celebrations, like weddings and anniversaries.

Advertising & Design

We enjoy collaborating with advertising and design firms and help create a unique impact for their clients.

100% biodegradable latex

our work

we just digg balloons...

Our work focuses on the use of latex balloons to create beautiful and exciting pieces. We create carefully crafted and gravity-defying INSTALLATIONS, SCULPTURES, INTERACTIVE ART or FASHION. Within the collective we work together in various constellations and combine the allure of balloons with the grace of light in our installations. Our work challenges the senses and captures the imagination with mind boggling balloon twisting, warping lights and bending textures. Each collective member has extensive experience in their respective fields. The seeds for BALLOOMINATION were sewn in 2011 when the first collective work was published with the “Seven Shrinking Sins” project.

the collective

Alexander Zissou
Alex grew up in Asia and Australia and has returned to his roots in beautiful Hamburg. He is one of our balloon artists.
Elena Tzara
concept & design
Elena was born in the heart of Hamburg and a brilliant organiser and conceptual thinker with an aesthetic hawk eye.
harm bremer
Harm is based in Berlin, rocks a cool Friesland style and is responsible for our carefully crafted light textures.
Sina Greinert
Sina is our creative industry expert. She is based in Hamburg, studied in Berlin and has extensive international experience. She is one of our balloon artists.

in collaboration with…

Twisted Twins
Bernhard Ludewig

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